San Sebastian Tours

A city of breathtaking beauty. No wonder, according to Travel National Geographic, San Sebastian has recently been named one of the most happy cities worldwide. “La Concha” bay is a landmark and sits majestically on the Basque Atlantic Coast and is surrounded by lush green hills. A city like an outdoor museum, with gorgeous Art Nouveau arquitecture and an adventurous past. The Belle Epoque turn of the century is present and gives an idea of a glamorous time. It is a city to fall in love with!

We offer themed guided tours (historical, culinary) and walks in the old town, the harbor and the city center. Please contact uns for further information!


As an introduction to the city we propose:


It is a great way to get a first impression of the city, country and people. It is something like the “taster”. The tour is a walk through the exciting history of the city, the historical old town or ” Parte Vieja ” and fishing port. Here you get a good insight into the past and present of this fascinating city , as well as the lifestyle of the ” donostiarras “, which is absolutely linked with the sea and the gastronomy.


We will drive along the ” Concha ” -Bay to go up with the century-old cable car up the mountain Igeldo . Here you get a wonderful impressions of the city and the beautiful surroundings, the location on the coast and the surrounding mountains. We will then explore the elegant city center with its Art Nouveau architecture, finally, the legendary Old Town ” Parte Vieja ” and the historic fishing port.


We will follow the footsteps of the old ” donostiarras ” and the Conqueror in the historic Old Town ” Parte Vieja “. The history is marked by invasions, battles, wars, shipping expeditions and trade. On the mountain of Urgull , we will visit the ancient fortress and learn a lot about the nearly thousand-year history of the city. Finally we visit the historic fishing port with its amazing Aquarium, which gives us a deeper insight into the art of the Basque seafaring.

SAN SEBASTIAN & ART – 4 hours:

We will drive along the ” Concha ” -Bay , and go up to the century-old cable car up the mountain Igeldo. At the foot of the mountain, the “wind combs” by famous sculptor Eduardo Chillida’s are waiting for us. With enough wind, it is a true spectacle worth seing. Afterwards we explore the glamorous city center, the historic Old Town “Parte Vieja” with the fishing port. Last but not least, of course, a wine & Pintxo!


Be a local for one day! An entire day trip will give you a good insight into the history, landscape and people , and especially the opportunity to learn about the culture a little deeper, as well as to enjoy its gastronomy.

Depending on your taste and preferences, we can also COSTUMIZE the ideal tour for you: Museums, small art galleries and studios, theater, restaurants, pintxo bars, basque cooking club, workshops, visiting the food market, gourmet shops, personal shopping, urban tracks and local activities … are just some suggestions.

We work together with local shops and artisans, so we can offer urban tracks and theme tours.

Depending on the time of year, we can introduce you to our CULTURAL FESTIVALS and CELEBRATIONS. Soon to be announced!

We also offer BIKE TOURS in San Sebastian. Our city is flat enough and perfect for a ride on the bike lane “bidegorri” through the different neighbourhoods, where we will explore the “real” San Sebastian, off the touristy spots.

Please contact us to define your program and let us know what you are most interested in!



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